Stars Alumni Bio

Full Name:

Danielle Zamora

Currently resides in:

Austin, Texas

I am originally from:

Corpus Christi, Texas

Nueces County

Degree Earned:

Bachelor's Degree


Texas State University - San Marcos

Stars Recipient for:

2 Years

I currently work for:

SXSW Interactive


I've never been one to know my exact plan for my future. All of the "moves" I've made have just been instinctual- what felt right. One thing I knew was that I wanted to continue my education outside of my hometown so that I could see more of what was out there. Being a first generation college student was something I was proud to be. I wanted to, in turn, make my family proud. The Stars Scholarship program helped me to move and start my journey, whatever it was going to be. I was an "undeclared major" when I entered college. I took my basics and after my first year, I knew I wanted to major in Communication Studies. I wanted to expand my interest and learn about how we communicate in different settings and how it could benefit me in my career. I loved my major and my professors.

The Stars scholarship helped me my second year to continue this path. During college, I did internships, studied abroad in Costa Rica, had a work-study job, and waited tables on top of my schooling. After college, I got a job right away as a management trainee at a large hotel chain in Austin. After completing this management training program, I was promoted to an Assistant Food & Beverage Manager there. Two and a half years later, even though I loved my job, I knew something was missing. I decided to take time off and go back to waiting tables for a few months. I found a position with the popular chain of festivals with SXSW that take place in Austin, Texas. I've been with the SXSW Interactive Festival for two years now as their Administrative Assistant. I have tons of responsibility but with a fun atmosphere! All in all, Stars really helped me know that I was worth trying to find my journey, no matter where I ended up. Thanks to Stars for having faith in me and helping me to be where I am today.