Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Criteria

Who can apply?

We encourage any student who meets criteria to apply. Stars Scholarship Fund awards students of any age, gender, ethnicity, religion, background, field of study or level of degree. We assist students working towards Associate's degrees to Doctoral degrees.

I grew up in south or west Texas, but moved for college a few years ago, can I still apply?

Yes, if you are from one of the 30 Texas counties serviced, attended high school in one of these counties and/or your family still holds a permanent residence in one of these counties you can apply. Make sure you use your address in required county for your permanent address.

I took a break from school but now I want to go back, can I still apply?

Yes, you meet all the criteria you can apply. You will need to send us the official transcript reflecting your last completed college semester.

I will be completing my 12 hours after the spring semester can I still apply?

Unfortunately, no, you must have completed the required hours BEFORE applying for our scholarship. However, keep in mind that our scholarship cycle opens annually; we encourage you to apply next year.

Your application requires we be enrolled full-time, but my program only requires me to be enrolled 9 hours, can I still apply?

Stars requires all students at a university to be enrolled full-time. That means 12 hours for undergrad students and 9 hours for graduate students. Stars does not make exceptions to this due to personal reasons, family obligations or work schedules. The only exceptions to this will be made if your program requires you to be enrolled in less than full-time due to other program requirements, such as clinical rotations or student teaching hours. In these cases, Stars requires a letter from your advisor confirming that these are the program requirements. Note that 6 hours is the minimum hours that Stars can make an exception for.

What is the difference between a Letter from Advisor and a Letter of Recommendation?

First, Stars does not require Letters of Recommendation. A Letter of Recommendation is written by a respected individual related to the applicant who can vouch for the character of the applicant. Although several scholarships do require Letters of Recommendations be submitted to them, Stars does not ask for them.

In some cases Stars requires Letters from Advisors to be sent. A letter from an advisor is a letter written by the applicant's academic advisor confirming enrollment in a specific program. Stars requires a Letter from Advisor when an exemption to full-time enrollment is needed due to other program requirements.

I was not raised in one of the 30 eligible counties, but I attend school in one of the counties, can I apply?

Applicants are required to have resided in one of the 30 counties for a minimum of five years. If you have lived in one of these counties for that period of time or more, you can apply for the scholarship. Otherwise, no, you are not eligible.