Application Period

January 1st - April 1st

If you send a document AFTER March 1st, your account will not be updated until our Review Period. If you sent an electronic transcript to us, your school should notify you when we retrieve the transcript. Your account will not be updated. We will not be able to verify to you that we received it as we are not processing documents until after the deadline. If you requested that your transcript be mailed, please trust your school sent it. We will not be able to verify we received it at this time and we will accept it as long as the mail was postmarked by 4/1 at 5pm.

Application Period

The 2024-2025 application cycle will open January 1, 2024. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2024 at 5pm CST.

Stars begins to open mail during this period, however as mail increases closer to the deadline, this process will be slowed. Stars sorts mail in alphabetical order, by last name.

If you applied online, you will be able to upload most documents via your Stars account. Uploaded documents will remain in “Received – Pending Review” status until the processing period. As long as the documents are uploaded by the deadline you do not have to be concerned over a “pending” status. The transcript can not be uploaded.

If you send documents via mail/email/fax BEFORE March 1st, we will update your documents status as quickly as possible to “Received – Pending Review”, however this takes up to two weeks as we receiving hundreds of documents and emails daily. We may not be able to review (approve/reject) all documents until the review period, however we will process your documents.

If you send documents via mail/email/fax AFTER March 1st, we will NOT update your documents status until the Review Period. We will not be able to review (approve/reject) all documents until the review period. Note: If your school says they sent your transcripts and/or you know you sent your documents, we most likely have them but will not be able to confirm until the review period due to the volume. We will download and print transcripts daily at which point your school would send you a confirmation of delivery. 

We realize that as the deadline nears you will start to grow concerned if we have received your documents. All documents will be filed and recorded as quickly as possible. Rest assured that if we find you sent in an incorrect document, we will contact you and allow you to submit the correct document to us. Please make sure you submit your documents by the deadline at 5pm CST. 

After you have submitted your online application or sent us your physical application, if you need to make any changes to your application, you will need to submit an Application Update Request Form.