Stars Scholarship Fund prides itself on providing assistance to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds who have demonstrated the desire to succeed in completing their degree.

Our 2019-2020 Stars Scholarship Recipients




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Stars Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships for 16 years and has seen an increase of 345.31% in applications since its first application cycle in 2004. This increase reflects the needs of students in our community. Stars seeks to ensure that students who have the will to attend college have a way to do so. With that said, the number of scholarships we are able to award is directly related to the support of our sponsors and the amount of funds raised annually at Extravaganzas and through community partners. On average, Stars Scholarship Fund awards 1022 scholarships annual, however our recipients now only represent 15.8% of our applicants, compared to 75.9% our first awarding year. Stars Scholarship Fund has awarded 16,362 recipients since inception, leaving 22,385 eligible applicants unfunded. The data below shows that although our efforts have been consistent annually, it simply is not enough to cover the need in our community.