Stars Scholarship Fund sets out to help south and west Texas students obtain a higher education at the college or university of their choice. In order to fully maximize our funds, Stars has established partnerships with area colleges and universities via our Matching Funds Program. In this program, select schools agree to match a contribution from Stars to students from that particular school. Students are awarded annually for the fall and spring semesters. These partnerships have allowed our funds to have a greater impact in our community. Stars Scholarship Fund values each partner in the Matching Program and continues to seek additional partnerships with colleges and universities that have a proven record of serving students from our community.

Benefit to School

  • School is guaranteed scholarships to applicants that attend their school and that meet criteria.
  • School does not have to administer scholarship, but has final approval on recipients chosen.
  • School is noted as a partner in all relevant press and marketing.

Benefit to Stars

  • Stars scholarship is marketed heavily in partner schools, which increases the number of applicants received and increases awareness of organization.
  • Stars is able to establish relationships with schools, which results in added support needed with administering scholarships and verifying information.

University Partners

Mary McQueen, CFRE, Executive Director, Del Mar College

“The Stars program not only provides access to education for students throughout Texas, it promotes the importance of education to a population that has been historically underserved. This is a wonderful partnership and investment in the future of our state – one student at a time.”

Elena Ramirez, Scholarship Coordinator

“Our Lady of the Lake University is grateful for our partnership with Stars to provide our students with a private education and help them live their goals of earning a degree. Together, we are creating students that live our mission by ensuring they receive a quality education and preparing them for success and continued service. Thank you Stars Scholarship Fund!”

David Krause, Director - Office of Financial Assistance

“St. Mary’s recruits talented students, especially from South Texas, West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Many are first-generation college students who can’t completely fund their education through state and federal aid, institutional scholarships and student employment. This can put them and their families in a financial bind. The Star Scholarship Fund remedies that and allows students to focus on their educational and career goals.”

Dr. Steven H. Tallant, President, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

“As a minority serving institution, the faculty and staff at the Island University know just how much scholarships like Stars assist our growing student population. Without the tireless efforts of the LaMantia family many of our at-risk students would never get the chance to get a degree and make an impact on their communities.”

Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, President, Texas Tech University

“Every student with the desire to pursue a degree in higher education should be afforded the opportunity to do so, and one of our important roles as institutions of higher learning is to help ensure those opportunities are fulfilled. Our partnership with the Stars Scholarship Fund is one invaluable way we are assisting students in the pursuit of their dreams. Far too often students with the desire to continue their education struggle for the opportunity to attend college. This partnership is making it possible.”

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP, President

“The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio is dedicated to educating future health care providers in south and west Texas, as well as providing for the future health and well-being of this region. Our University is honored by the partnership we have with The Stars Scholarship Fund. We are grateful to its Board of Directors and dedicated sponsors and staff for their commitment to health and higher education. Stars Scholarships help us fulfill our mission of making lives better for our communities.”

Dr. William Serrata, President

“Since the STARS Scholarship Fund and El Paso Community College joined together in 2014, more than 100 students have received support on their pathways to degrees. EPCC and the Foundation for EPCC are pleased to continue the excellent partnership with STARS and the generous LaMantia family. Facilitating student success and degree completion in partnership with STARS has made and will continue to make a significant difference in the educational future of El Paso.”

Dr. Larry Cantu, Vice President of Enrollment Services

“Schreiner University's partnership with the Stars Scholarship Fund has been incredibly successful in supporting our students from the Rio Grande Valley. It has enabled those students to reach their academic goals and attend their first-choice university. As a product of the Rio Grande Valley, myself, I am especially excited about this partnership! I can see that together; we are creating successful students and citizens daily.”

Dr. Pablo Arenaz, President

“The majority of our students at Texas A&M International University are first generation college bound and cannot afford the dream of a college degree without financial aid and scholarships. Stars philanthropy and the generosity of its donors provide a major support for the students of TAMIU and South Texas. Without their assistance, our students would have a hard time fulfilling those dreams.”

Rick Herrera, Vice Chancellor & Chief Student Services Officer

"The Stars Scholarship Fund is an important resource in helping Texas State Technical College achieve its state-supported mandate of placing more Texans in jobs. Since 2004, Stars scholarships have made it possible for over 400 students to achieve their dreams of a technical career. An investment in TSTC students is an investment in a skilled workforce for all of Texas."

Diane Todd Sprague, Director of the Office of Financial Aid, University of Texas - Austin

“We love participating with Stars to provide scholarship funding to a terrific group of south and west Texas students. Our Stars Scholars maintain strong GPAs and they make rapid progress toward their degrees. Additionally, they engage in numerous extracurricular activities that show they will be leaders in the fields like business, industry, and government. Working with Stars is exciting not only because these students will impact their regions, but also that they are going to enrich our state and our nation!”

Griselda Castilla, AVP Strategic Enrollment

“Helping students reach and attain their academic and career goals is at the heart of what we do at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. We share in the Stars Scholarship Fund vision that higher education is a catalyst for positive change and has the potential to transform the lives of individuals and the world around them. Recognized as one of the most affordable universities in Texas, we are proud to offer a dollar for dollar scholarship match to Stars Scholarship recipients.”

Dr. Ricardo J. Solis, President, Laredo College

“The LaMantia Family, through the Stars Scholarship Fund, has been instrumental towards the advancement of our mission: transforming students’ lives through educational programs and services that fulfill the dynamic needs of our local, regional, and global community. Access to post-secondary education provided by the Stars Scholarship Fund represents an investment in our students’ future, and instills in them a sense of belonging and giving back to their community. The successes of our students are directly linked to organizations such as the Stars Scholarship Fund and we remain grateful for their continued support.”

Dr. Shirley A. Reed, President

“South Texas College’s partnership with the Stars Scholarship Fund has made it possible for over 600 students, who are first in their family to go to college, to attend South Texas College. This collaboration with Stars remains focused on our institutional vision of improving the quality of life for our communities. South Texas College is transforming the region by serving as the pathway to prosperity, and helping create high-skill, high-wage jobs. The opportunity to attend college positively impacts the lives of these students, the lives of their families, and future generations of South Texans.”

Judi Haas, Associate Director – Scholarships

“Texas A&M University it pleased to partner with Stars Scholarship Fund in providing scholarship awards for talented, well-qualified students from south and west Texas. The funding provided creates opportunities for individual student access to higher education and institutional access to high-achieving scholars. Moreover, it yields benefits for our great State of Texas as a whole in both the present and future.”

Dr. Christopher D. Murr, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

“The students at Texas State University greatly benefit from the partnership built between our institution and the Stars Scholarship Fund. The scholarship program not only assists and provides opportunities to students in the border region in achieving their higher educational goals, but it also provides a broader sense of accomplishment, affiliation and motivation to continue to excel. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Stars for enriching the lives of our students and for partnering with Texas State University – the Rising Star of Texas. ”

Dr. Gary Edens, Vice President of Student Affairs

“Our partnership with the STARS Scholarship Fund has made it possible for current UTEP students to continue with their education. We are grateful for the Stars Scholarship Program as we work together to help these students achieve their dreams.”

Mimi Nguyen, Financial Assistance Advisor-Scholarships

“The University of the Incarnate Word is honored to partner with the Stars Scholarship Fund to offer opportunities to our students in order for them to continue their education. Our Stars Scholarship recipients are able to focus on their studies, with less worry about financial barriers. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to working with Stars to assist more UIW students in the future.”