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All recipients have been selected for the 2021-2022 academic year. All recipients have been notified and have accepted the terms of the scholarship offer. If you were not selected as a recipient for this academic year, we encourage you to apply again in the next cycle. Stars Scholarship received over 5,000 applications for 2021-2022 and unfortunately only had funding to assist 700 of our eligible and qualified applicants. The number of applicants we award is directly related to our ability to raise funds throughout the year. Thank you to all who applied.

Step 4

Candidates have accepted awards and all deadlines have passed for:

Step 3

Candidates from the following schools have been confirmed, notified and award letters have been posted to accounts:

Step 2

Candidates have been recommended to the school. The school is now reviewing candidate recommendations for:

Step 1

Stars is scoring applicants and preparing list of candidates recommendations for:

Del Mar College

Schreiner University

University of the Incarnate Word

Texas Tech University HSC El Paso

Laredo Community College

UT Health SA

Texas A&M University Kingsville

Texas State University

Texas State Technical College

Texas Tech University

El Paso Community College

General Program

Texas A&M University

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Texas A&M International University

University of Texas at El Paso

Our Lady of the Lake University

South Texas College

University of Texas – Austin

University of Texas at San Antonio

St. Mary’s University

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

St. Mary’s University – School of Law School

Notice to Applicants

  • Applicants selected as candidates will receive an email from Stars Scholarship Fund prompting them to check their Stars account.
  • Once you receive this email and you log in, you will see the Award Details of the offer and have a link to a PDF of your Award Letter.
  • You must download the letter, print out the Acceptance Form, sign it (hand written signature) and return it to us. Do Not Mail it back.
  • Candidates have 1 week to accept the scholarship offer. Offers not accepted within the deadline are considered a forfeit of the offer and the offer will be rescinded. We will select an alternate recipient in such cases.
  • Acceptance Forms must be returned via email or uploaded. Do not mail. Follow the instructions provided on award letter.
  • Candidates are not officially recipients until Stars has receives signed Acceptance Forms within the assigned deadline.
  • If your school is listed below in Step 4 and you do not see a “Congratulations” notice on your status, you were not selected to receive a scholarship at this time. We do not send out regret notices. Note that if a candidate forfeits their scholarship offer, we will select an alternate recipient.
  • As indicated on the signed Certification Form submitted by each application on #13, the Stars Scholarship is not guaranteed to anyone, including past recipients.