The Certification and Release Form list terms of the scholarship application and process, as well as permission for Stars to retrieve their educational information for the purposes of the scholarship. We require that every applicant sign the form indicating that they understand and agree to all the terms outlined.

Online Applicants

Applicants filling out an online application will be asked to electronically sign the Certification and Release Form before submitting the application using last 4 digits of SSN and name.

Hard Copy Applicants

The Certification and Release Form is the last page of the hard copy application.

We require the Certification and Release Form to have a hand-written/ink signature. Please do not type in your name in the signature line.

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Submission Instructions

Scan & Email to

Mail to

P.O. Box 3068, McAllen, Texas 78502


We accept the following files under 2MB size: PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF*

*Do not send links to download the document, we will not open them.
If you do not have the means to scan the document, it is also acceptable for you to take a picture of the document and send us the image.