Certification and Release Form Terms

  1. I certify that all information on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I understand that I am applying for a scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year only, for one or both Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters.
  3. I understand that “full-time” undergraduate/community college is 12 credit hours and that “full-time” graduate is 9 credit hours. I further understand that Stars accepts “part-time” enrollment at community colleges and can make some exemptions at a minimum of 6 hours and is subject to approval.
  4. I certify that I have read the application criteria and instructions, sections 1 – 4 and I meet all eligibility requirements as specified in this application.
  5. I understand that I must submit an Update Request Form (available on the Stars homepage) to Stars immediately with any changes to the information I have provided on this application in regard to address, email or 2024-2025 academic information.
  6. I understand that Stars will communicate with me via email to the email address I have provided on my application only.  Furthermore, I understand that it is my responsibility to check this email address, including junk/Spam folders continually throughout the processing period.
  7. I understand that I may only receive one scholarship administered by Stars per academic year, to be applied towards tuition costs and fees only.
  8. I understand that in order for my application to be considered, I must submit all the required documents in the application instructions, in addition to my application, by the postmark deadline of April 1, 2024, 5:00pm CST. No extensions will be given. I understand that application materials become the property of Stars and will not be returned.
  9. I understand that Stars recommends that I keep copies of all documents dropped off, mailed and/or faxed items, as well as keep track of dates items were submitted in case the documents do not reach the Stars office.
  10. I understand that my application will be reviewed in an objective and unbiased manner based on information provided in my application and I understand that ALL Stars decisions for recipient selections are non-negotiable and final.
  11. I understand that Stars has limited funds and cannot and will not award every applicant that applies. Furthermore, I understand Stars will not send regret notifications and is not obligated to share the reasons I was not selected with me.
  12. I understand that it is my responsibility to create a Stars account and log in to my account and view my status via the Stars website at www.starsscholarship.org continually during the processing period to see if I was selected as a recipient or if Stars requires further documentation. 
  13. I understand that the Stars scholarship is not guaranteed to me or anyone, including past recipients. 
  14. I understand that should I be selected as a recipient, Stars will provide me with an Award Letter and a Letter of Acceptance, both of which will ONLY be posted to my Stars account. I understand that I must respond within a set deadline, and I must return my forms as specified by the deadline provided to Stars. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure Stars receives my documents before the set deadline. Stars will not extend deadlines for any reason.
  15. In addition, I understand that should I be selected as a recipient, I will be held to enrollment and GPA criteria as indicated on my award letter in order to remain a Stars Scholarship recipient.
  16. I understand that should I be selected as a recipient, I will be asked to share a photo of myself, a quote, and social media information, in addition, I may be asked to represent Stars as a volunteer at fundraisers, as a speaker, or as a subject in marketing campaigns.
  17. I hereby authorize Stars Scholarship Fund to utilize information about and from my scholarship application and my likeness for public relations purposes, publicity, or other scholarship opportunities.
  18. I hereby give consent to my school to release financial or academic/enrollment information to Stars Scholarship Fund to be used to verify eligibility for this scholarship.
  19. I hereby authorize my college/university to release all requested information above, pursuant to the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

By signing the Certification & Release from as part of your application, you certified that you read the terms of applying for the Stars Scholarship and understood and accepted all conditions.