Processing Period

April 1st - April 30th

Processing Period

We understand that when requesting transcripts the time frame in which the school processes your request is beyond your control; therefore we will accept official college transcripts until mid-April. We will not accept any other documents after the deadline.

Stars will open mail, sort submitted documents and print emailed documents during this period. This includes matching documents and creating physical files for applicants.

We will enter hard copy applications during this period so that your account can be created. Applicants sending hard copy applications will be sent an email and prompted to complete set up a Stars account in order to view your application information.  If you sent us documents separate from your hard copy application we will make every attempt to match documents and update your document status too, however you may have documents remain in “Missing” status until the next period.

If you applied online and uploaded your documents, your document status will stay in “Received – Pending Review” during this cycle.

Any documents mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off BEFORE March 1st were updated and applicant’s status will remain unchanged until the review period.

If you mailed/emailed/faxed documents AFTER March 1st, we will NOT update your documents status until the Review Period. your document status will stay in “Missing” during this cycle. Note: If your school says they sent your transcripts and/or you know you sent your documents, we most likely have them but will not be able to confirm until the review period due to the volume. 

If you need to make any changes to your application during this period, you will need to submit an Application Update Request Form.